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Taci Spézia - Interior Designer

"My greatest challenge was finding a reliable and efficient professional. However, upon hiring the services of Anne Mello, I encountered an exceptional experience. The characteristic that most captivated me was Anne's use of a personalized approach. Her ease in translating my personality by combining timeless straight lines with symmetrical curves highlighted the 'S' in my surname, exceeding my expectations. I would definitely recommend her services for their incomparable quality and the value she adds."

- Taci Spézia


Taci Spézia - Interior Designer




Interior Designer

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✽ Challenge

Finding a professional to blend timeless sophistication with genuine creativity was Taci Spézia's challenge. As an interior designer valuing classic elegance and authentic flair, she sought a partner who could translate her vision into tangible design.

✽ Solution

The icon, ingeniously crafted from her initials "T" and "S," embodies minimalist elegance, perfectly aligning with her style.

The wordmark, adorned with subtle serif accents, strikes a balance between sophisticated yet refreshingly original.

With a palette of dark gray and a gentle sand tone, these versatile colors seamlessly complement various textures and images, adding a touch of versatility to her brand's visual language.

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