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Baruque - Made for Professional Welders

“Easy to talk about something that brought me a lot of satisfaction. When I looked for Mellow to make my logo, my decision was made based on a recommendation of a person, which by the way didn’t let me down. I was very well guided by their professionalism and was surprised by the options. I didn't even know how to choose the best logo, but they advised me really well and I thank them a lot for that! To this day, I look at the logo and I love it. I highly recommend it!”


- Alessandro Rodrigues






Welders Equipment

Type of Work

Brand Identity

Baruque’s Brand Identity was an amazing challenge. With the right approach and understanding of their market, and pain points, we were able to create an identity that the team can relate with, and stand them out from the competitors at the same time. 

The icon is a monogram of the letter B, developed from the idea of soldering between the elements, creating a seal, a brand (iron) and the typography of the name is modern and with slightly rounded corners, which brings a little lightness to a brand that is already strong due to its other characteristics (uppercase and squarer letters). The color palette brings the tones of the semantic panel, focusing on the fire gradient, bringing a lot of energy and dynamism.

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