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Hellen - Personal Image Consulting

“I have just gratitude towards Mellow for creating my Brand Identity. They were super attentive throughout the process, delivered everything on time, and managed to capture very well what I wanted for my brand. It was super hard to choose between the options presented to me. As I work with fashion and image, I was looking for a professional who was up to date and I was not disappointed.”

- Hellen Cristina Zickuhr


Hellen - Personal Image Consulting




Personal Image Consulting

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✽ Challenge

Hellen is a specialist in Personal Image Consulting, honing in on fashion to shape compelling personal identities. Her acute trend awareness and dedication to crafting distinctive styles surpass the ordinary. She delves deeper, customizing fashion strategies that mirror individual personalities and sculpt powerful, unique identities.


This is precisely why Hellen sought a brand that embodied the fusion of contemporary elegance and chic aesthetics, where fashion evolves into a powerful statement.

✽ Solution

The icon forms an elegant monogram of the letter "H," with a seamless flow from start to finish, evoking a sense of endless continuity.

The typography of the name is both distinctive and stylized, incorporating reimagined classical elements.

The color palette balances the foundational neutrality of black with a deep, sophisticated red alongside a softer, pastel pink. This combination, distinctly feminine yet not overt, effectively communicates with the target audience.  

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