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Sensory Kids

“I was really happy about how it turned out, everything was beautiful… But this one, I gotta tell you, it was love at first sight! Thanks for your care and hard work.”

- Franciani Michaelsen


Sensory Kids




Children's Occupational Therapy Clinic

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Sensory Kids is a small business with a great purpose. Their combination of science and emotions brought the best of us to this job. We combined all our senses into one branding. It's heart, soul, and mind connected in one identity. 

The icons combine all the meanings behind this brand: The brain brings the mind, the hands represent our senses, the heart inside of the palm makes the connection between our emotions, senses, mind, integration, connection and touch.


For the typography we choose something organic and ludic at the same time. Easy to read and modern, but also harmonious and tender.


And to enclose the identity we bring hot pastels tones that translate energy mixed up with neutral tones that bring tranquility, showing the balance of the brand between mind and heart. 

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