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Caroline Zipf

“Working with Mellow is a mixture of curiosity and certainty. They can instigate things you don't even realize and make you see how much sense it makes. They know how to capture a briefing and understand the essence of the business as if they had been inside the project all along. The result is a complete surrender and a lot of creativity!”

- Caroline Zipf


Caroline Zipf




Color Analysis Consultant

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Brand Identity

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Stationary Kit

Caroline works with colors, so if there is something she prioritizes is to nail her own visual identity. Based on her target audience and personal taste (yeah!) because it is really important for you to connect with your brand and love it as much as your clients. In the end, it is all about your story and the message you want to convey. 

Caroline wanted to transmit a feminine vibe and smoothness in her identity so we brought in a rose icon, which is a flower found in nature in many different color nuances reminding us of color palettes, her main work tool. The purple balances the stability of the blue and the energy of the red. It is a color that connects to creativity, novelty, and spirituality. And when we get to the typography, we see something unique and stylish, bringing more feminine aspects to the brand.

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