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Fit Bliss

“Mellow is an exceptional team. Always bringing innovative and creative ideas. The result was impeccable and much better than I could imagine. I can only thank their quality and professionalism.”


- Gabrielle Krieger


Fit Bliss





Type of Work

Brand Identity

Every brand deserves to be found, loved and shared. That is our ultimate goal in every job. So we developed a human-centered approach that lets us empathize with your brand vision, identify your pain points, and create solutions that enhance your client’s experience with your brand or product.

Strategies like creativity, expertise, 360 view, and storytelling, are translated into colors, typography, icons, and elements that talk to the audience without half ways. All typography is easy to apply on any background, which allows you to change the color according to the flavor of the product in question.


The curves refer to icons such as 'flavor' and 'delicious'. The 'fit' written in a finer font reminds you that, although the candy is delicious - a real bliss - it is 'guilt free'.

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