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Summit BTA

“We had a big challenge with this project, and the visual identity created exceeded all expectations. It was love at first sight! From the event name to the communication materials (banners, shirts, giveaways, etc.), everything received high praise not only from our team but also from clients. Anne captured exactly what we wanted to convey. She brought modernity, uniqueness, and value to the event. It was incredible!” 


- Patrícia Mondini






Chemical Industry

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Visual Identity


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Summit BTA 2024 is not just an event; it’s where BTA's internal team and valued clients unite to shape what’s ahead.

Creating this event's name and visual identity was about reflecting their shared vision for the future and their role in it.

This summit is a commitment to not just talk about the future, but to be active participants in its creation.

In event design, the visual identity is not merely a facade; it’s the soul of the gathering. It’s the first impression and the lasting memory, a narrative told through colors, shapes, and typography.

From brainstorming sessions to final touches, it’s all about making an impact and getting everyone pumped for what’s to come.

This visual identity is a bold declaration of intent, that resonates with the themes of innovation and collaboration.

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