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“It was really amazing how they captured my ideas and vision so quickly. From the bold and international name, to the visual concepts and identity, everything just makes sense and it was much easier for me to understand and define my own brand. It was my first experience with an agency and I loved it.”


- Hakan Akkurt






Home Decor and Fashion

Type of Work

Brand Naming

Brand Identity

Earth True Power and Precious Creations are the slogans for Origem, a name combining two other words: origin and gemstone. A simple yet powerful way of proving the originality, authenticity, and rarity of the brand’s products. 

The icon shape is based on a stone, with a bright sun radiating from it. The sun's shape is also a way to pay tribute to the origin of everything.


Five bright colors evoke the senses, nature, and its purest form, reminding the audience about the strength of the history and traditions behind its products.


The icon and typography together bring a clear statement with precise delicate lines, almost like a dance between the raw and the magic aspect of the gemstones. 

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