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CJ Integrative Health & Wellness

“I got to know the agency through a friend 's referral. And I have to say: they overcame everything that my friend told me about her experience with Mellow. Every talk about my profile, the brand, and the design was flawless. The team taught me a lot, helped me, and it was really important. I could feel the passion for their job, and that could be the main reason why they offer such a high-level service.”

- Claudiana Santos


CJ Integrative Health & Wellness




Health & Wellness

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The mind, body, and soul connection is what CJ wants to bring back to people’s daily lives. Taking care of our wellness and health in a holistic way, we created a one-of-a-kind brand. The icon represents a person meditating surrounded by the element of the atom, and at the center of the person, we see the heart, emphasizing that well-being comes from the junction of the body with the mind (emotional and spiritual).

Typography wraps around the icon, turning the icon and typography into a single element. The font is rounded and modern. The color purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. It is a color that refers to creativity, novelty, and spirituality, which is combined with yellow that highlights vibrancy. With a brand style guide and a digital plan, we were able to establish the next steps of the brand in the digital world and facilitate her content creation.

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