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Jessica Buzzi Personal Trainer

“Working with Mellow was surprising and rewarding. In addition to being very sweet and kind, they are great professionals and take the job very seriously. During the whole period that we worked together, they knew how to listen to what I wanted, and what's more, they knew how to take from me what I didn't even know she wanted and turn it into reality. Every day I see and feel how much everything she's created represents me. I am extremely satisfied with the work carried out, it could not be a more accurate choice than this.”


- Jessica Buzzi


Jessica Buzzi





Type of Work

Brand Identity

Brand Activation

Social Media Templates

The saying goes “Work hard, play hard”. And we strictly follow the rules during this job. We worked out our minds to highlight Jessica’s best features into her Visual Identity and Content Creation. A fierce and intense Personal Trainer that is represented by her initials and a slogan: "Do more for you".

The possibility of presenting it in a dark or bright background with vibrant colors contrasts well with the background, ensuring the logo can always be seen from miles away.


The eagle was chosen because when it visualizes a potential prey, it flies towards it without deviating from the path, meaning goal, determination, and focus: Everything that you need when doing workouts. The typography chosen is italic and bold to also highlight this idea of movement.

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