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“Working with Mellow was amazing. I needed a brand and didn't know exactly where to start, but it has a methodology that, in addition to being didactic, is very effective. And it wasn't just me who loved the final result, several clients have already praised both the naming and the branding.” 


- Murilo Rafael de Mello






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The name "Chemtier" is a meticulously composed amalgamation of "Chem," symbolizing chemicals, and "Tier," representing a level or platform. The name also plays with the word frontier, which relates to the strategic positioning of the company as an intermediary between companies in different countries.

This name perfectly encapsulates the core of their business model, embodying Chemtier's mission to connect the Brazilian market with global chemical manufacturers.

The design draws inspiration from the periodic table's structured layout, featuring a stylized typography that exudes a modern, sleek, and robust aesthetic.

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